Nobody wishes to limit anybody from getting the power and equivalent rights in light of sexual orientation. Thus, by course reading definition, we should all be feminists, however, women's rights have another notoriety in a previous couple of years of being less about equivalent rights and more about pounding men up. In my view, present-day feminism never again sees the minute as being tied in with deleting disparities in opportunity but about authorized equality in everything. Feminist male-bashing has come to seem like a cliché of a misogynist caricature. Feminism, its loudest advocated agenda is tied in with battling against disparity. The hatred to man is either a fault or misunderstanding. This ongoing gender antagonism does nothing to accomplish the unfinished business of Gender Justice. If anything, the fixation on men behaving badly is a distraction from the more fundamental issue, such as changes in the workplace to promote work-family life balance. What’s more, man bashing not only sours many men — and quite a few women — on feminism. It often drives them into internet subculture where critiques of feminism fuse with hostility towards women. Rather than focusing on the external goals that might once have united them, women are micromanaging the corners of their lives and to a somewhat lesser proportion those of their children and family. Think about it, how many stories will you find in Women’s magazine discussing the pursuit of anything other than bodily to familial perfection? This generation or maybe previous one made a mistake. They took the struggles and victories of feminism and interpreted them somehow as a pathway to personal perfection. They privatized feminism and focused only on their dreams and their own frustrations. Feminism was supposed to be about granting women power and Justice and then about harnessing that power for positive change. Women are not identical to men. They are physical and social being programmed to reproduce and generally inclined to love. Any approach to women’s issue must begin from this fact considering biology rather than an idealized or ideological view of what they should be or what they should want. This does not in any way mean that women should lower their sights or accept anything less than the total justifiable amount to men but it does suggest that women’s path to success may be different and more complicated than men’s and that is to better to recognize these complications than to wish them away. Women are not in any way physically inferior to men but they are distinctly and physically different. They have wombs and breasts and ovaries. They must balance the biological duties with their works if they wish to progress. For instance, they should manage to breastfeed their kids along with their official duties. For many reasons, feminism has tended to downplay these physical differences. Recently, I discovered this feminist group called “Femen” while browsing about feminism. It is a group of feminists who go around being topless; literally topless. The reason behind their act is claimed to be “If men can go topless to the public, why can’t women? And honestly, I think this is the finest level of hypocrisy and stupidity. They even force Muslim women to ditch their Burka and go topless mentioning the Burka is the norm of patriarchy. It has been reported that they even force those women who choose Burka as a part of their choice but not as a compulsion. If feminism is all about freedom, why don’t they let those women continue if they wish to? Not only that, some modern feminists also criticize all the women who choose to stay at home and take care of their child, again, violating their rights to choose. At the same time, they demand men to be a stay-at-home-dad. It’s like they’re trying to reject feminity and apparently feminize men instead. Feminism indeed went wrong. Feminism went wrong — when women went against men. Feminism went wrong — when women assumed men are in every way against the progress of women. Feminism went wrong — when women tried to prove themselves mightier than men but not equal. Feminism went wrong — when every man in a bus became molester, every bump became sex appeal by men and every touch became harassment. So, I’m not against the feminism but against the blunt-hypocrisy of pseudo-feminists or feminazis which merely intends to push the man back than walking together. I’m against the ironic behavior of today’s feminists who advocate for equality but always look up for rich men who can fulfill her economic desire while marrying. Lastly, How about Humanism instead of Feminism? How about replacing the slogan of ‘respect women’ with ‘respect everyone who deserves’?

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